Here is a summary of this Napoleon Hill Quotes video and a comment.

One of the main causes of failure is guessing instead of getting facts.

Many cannot see their faults. You can only know yourself though accurate analysis.

Don’t just want more money. Be worth more money.

Hill writes a self-analysis questionnaire for personal inventory.

Here’s the most important point: Know thyself. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Hill’s checklist is a treasure trove of self-knowledge for anyone who desires success and understands this from Jim Rohn: Work harder on yourself than on your business.

The world of full good, hard-working people who are broke. Mostly unwittingly, they short-circuit themselves.

How? Go right down Hill’s list.

Whether the issue is lack of concentration, time management, or faulty treatment of others, success is determined first in the person and then in the marketplace.

Here are some thoughts about the six basic fears.

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