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Note: These notes are from 12:08 to the end of this video.

There is no defense against an excellence that meets a pressing public need.

What is it that you have that you can “bring to the table?”

Where is the opening for you? There is room for you out here.

Don’t allow “but” to keep you a spectator up in the bleachers.

All of us showed up to give something.

No one can produce your product or write your book.

If you don’t do what you showed up to do, we will all be deprived of your genius when you die.

Some die at 25 and are buried at 65.

Les tells the story of a mother with a son who is not motivated.

Here is the most important point:

Where is the opening for you? There is room for you out here.

Do you know the opening that is just right for you? Do you know how to find a special opportunity that is suitable and profitable for you?

The answer is very simple. And yet, it is a very effective.

Ask! That is all you have to do.

Ask your mind of success where your special place of service is. It will answer.

Your success neurology will direct you through hunches, feelings, and moments of insight. Upon this you can rely with absolute certainty.

And you will discover something wonderful. There is an intersection between your talent and what the world needs.

In other words, you can bring to bear some special aptitude or “knack” that is well able to solve some problem for which people will pay. The rest is application and persistence.

Your big success may not happen overnight. However, it will happen as long as you take action, make improvements as necessary, and keep going.

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