Here is a summary of this Les Brown Quotes video and a comment:

As you listen to Les, the laughter and good feelings you have will alleviate what is stressing you out.

Les talks about a tornado outbreak.

They have to make a comeback plan of action.

We have all experienced situations from which we had to come back.

Les had a shot this morning. His doctor told him not to look back.

Les was not interested in a spanking where he was to get the shot!

Les got the shot. He did not faint!

He is coming back from a physical challenge and doing radio again. He is reinventing himself.

Willie Jollie: A set back is set up for a comeback.

Here is the most important point:

As you listen to Les, the laughter and good feelings you have will alleviate what is stressing you out.

More accurately stated, laughter and good feelings alleviate the thoughts and feelings that stress you out. They do not change circumstances.

Laughter and good feelings do nothing about the circumstance at hand. You can laugh and feel good all you want and the circumstance remains a factor of your physical reality.

Laughter and good feelings change your state of mind. And your state of mind is what really matters.

Rightly understood, laughter and good feelings clear a channel for your mind of success to prompt you with ideas. In turn, as you act on these ideas, you change the conditions.

See circumstances as fluid, changeable, and amenable to the power of thought. Therefore, the real issue is to access your success neurology and engage the creative power of your own imagination.

Do this with confidence and even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacle will not seem quite so insurmountable. From this point of realization, your success is assured.

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