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The story of Sowing and Reaping is also the story of the Law of Averages.

The sower was ambitious and had excellent seed.

The first part of the seed falls by the wayside and the birds get it. Metaphorically, this is the prospect that doesn’t show up for the meeting.

You could talk to the person who talked your prospect out of going to the meeting. However, you would have to leave the “field” and this would be a distraction.

It’s just one of those things. The best comment is “Isn’t that interesting?”

The sower kept on sowing. That was the secret of his success.

If you keep sowing, you can sow more than the birds can get. There aren’t that many birds.

The Law of Averages will work for you.

Jim’s mentor taught Jim there are only nine or ten really nasty people in the world. However, they move around a lot!

The seed falls on rocky ground where the soil is shallow. This is not of your making.

The seed starts to grow. However, it withers and dies on the first hot day.

The hot weather is going to get some. This is not of your making.

Say “Isn’t that interesting?”

What can you do? Don’t try to change it.

Here’s the most important point, an exercise, and an mp3:

The sower kept on sowing. That was the secret of his success.

Suppose you approach your business activity as a sewer of good seed. Suppose you realize that the secret to your success is very simple.

Just keep sowing! No matter what happens, just keep sowing!

The more you continue sowing, the more the Law of Averages works for you. What a concept!

Suppose you have a disappointment. You say “Isn’t that interesting?”

And you continue selling. Suppose you have a deal or two that don’t quite work out as well as you might have hoped.

However, you say “Isn’t that interesting?” and you continue sowing.

Eventually, your mind of success gets the idea. When things don’t work out, the appropriate response is “Isn’t that interesting?”

The more you respond to disappointments and frustrations with “Isn’t that interesting?” the more you maintain a confident state of mind. The more you maintain a confident state of mind, the more you continue sowing.

Can you see that you insure your success because the Law of Averages will be working for you? Just sow on a continuous basis.

This will be the secret of your success. You may not be the most persuasive, the most skilled, or the most talented.

However, you might be among the most persistent and the most consistent. In other words, you cultivate a positive mental attitude and a state of mind that makes the Law of Averages work in your favor.

And people wonder how you did it.

Isn’t that interesting?

Here is the exercise and mp3:

Practice “Isn’t that interesting?”

“Isn’t that interesting?” may seem like an unlikely success question. However, it points to a powerful attitude of success.

Imagine a seeker of success who suffers a string of setbacks. Such a person might respond with self-talk like “I will never get this right” or “well, I’ve never done much up to this point anyway” or “I guess this means I just don’t have what it takes.”

However, imagine the confidence of a seeker of success will suffer as a long string of setbacks and offers this response “Isn’t that interesting?”

Imagine the poise, the composure, and the long-range view of the future that belies the response “Isn’t that interesting?” this is a seeker of success who does not get rattled, discouraged, or distracted when things go wrong it as they inevitably will.

So call to mind an imaginary string of setbacks relating to your business activity. And if they have yet to happen, they will.

This might mean:

  • You go a week, maybe two, and you don’t recruit anyone.
  • You offer an e-book or a course for sale and hardly get a sale despite having a list that is usually responsive.
  • You talk to 12 motivated sellers in a row and don’t acquire a house.

Or it might mean something else that relates to your business activity. In your mind’s eye, practice seeing one of these scenarios and responding with “Isn’t that interesting?”

Here is a note. So long as you do not invest powerful emotions such as frustration, disappointment, and self-doubt, you don’t need to worry that you are visualizing something that will come to pass.

Arguably, they are going to come to pass anyway! At least, something like them will come to pass.

You can’t make a big success about having lots and lots and lots of small defeats, frustrations, and disappointments. This exercise helps you practice a constructive response to the inevitability of failure.

Consider this. How much easier is it to learn from setbacks when your response is “Isn’t that interesting?” Without negative emotions to get in the way, you will earn twice as much in half the time.

So practice “Isn’t that interesting?” in the face of imaginary adversity. Real-time adversity will indeed be interesting because you will learn so much from it.

And here’s something else that’s interesting. Metaphorically, you are the captain of your own ship.

Why? You can set your own sail.

In this recording (12:57), I present three reasons why “Isn’t that interesting?” sparks success. It does so even if you don’t think you are smart, lucky, or even good! For some, this might be very welcome news indeed! And if you interpret an unsuccessful success attempt to mean “I have to work harder!” you might be relieved to know that “Isn’t that interesting?” means something much less stressful and much more success-generating.

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