Here’s a summary of this Earl Nightingale Quotes video and a comment.

Our fortune is the sum total of what we want and what we believe we are qualified to receive. It is the fruit of character.

We can and should outgrow our present fortune.

The two elements that affect this are:

  • Degree of receptivity.
  • Source or sources of ideas.

You can access the quality of your “product” by looking at what you get paid. You are in control of your own rewards.

Material things and income are means to an end. Too many confuse this and make them ends in and of themselves.

There are two kinds of income:

  • Psychic.
  • Material.

The former is the excitement and satisfaction you drive from your work. The latter should meet your requirements.

If you don’t have it already, you can find work with a psychic income.

Here’s the most important point: You outgrow who you are today based on your degree of receptivity and the source or sources of your ideas.

Assuming you are receptive and hungry for quality ideas, your mind of success will thrive and your fortune will increase.

Here’s why this is so. Good ideas from good sources expand your comfort zone and empower your self-image.

This makes your world an increasingly bigger place with more and more possibilities. And these are possibilities you can embrace because your sense of personal power allows for it.

And, happily, your circumstances will reflect it.

Here are some thoughts about receptivity.

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