Here is a summary of this Brian Tracy Quotes video and a comment.

Take a long-term perspective. What would your life look like if it was perfect?

Write it down and be detailed. Build a mental picture.

What would have to happen, starting today, to make this a reality?

Here’s the most important point: Build a detailed mental picture of what you want and you will get it.

In an ideal world, what would your life look like in the future? Write out a detailed description.

This is powerful at least in this regard: So few will do it. For too many, it will be beyond their threshold of possibility, so they won’t even try.

Therefore, the critical point of this exercise is the act of starting. Over time, your mind will grow accustomed to this new level of success and achievement.

Your self-image will embody the new reality and you will get it because you are comfortable with it. Remember, whatever it is, it’s out there. It is yours as long as it is compatible with your self-image.

Here are some thoughts about how to build a mental image.

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