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Imagine that it is possible for you to earn ten times your annual income.

Most will think why this is not possible.

Mark Twain: There are 1,000 excuses for every failure, but never a good reason.

Most have the inherent potential to earn much more.

Is the manager making $250,000 per year ten times as smart as a manager earning $25,000 per year? No.

Some earn much more with the same age, experience, and intelligence as others.


The difference between incomes is greater than the difference between intelligence.

Identify the highest earners and learn what they do differently. Copy them

What will you have to do to double your income in the next five years?

Here is the most important point:

Imagine that it is possible for you to earn ten times your annual income.

Here is the promise of your mind of success: If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Can you imagine this? Can you see it in imagination with clarity?

And can you believe that it is an already-established fact? If you can, this is as good as done.

However suppose you survey your present situation. Suppose you assess your chances accordingly.

If so, you are limited by your present situation. In this case, your present circumstances will likely be your future circumstances.

On the other hand, suppose you accept that the thought in your head is a cause. And suppose that this thought is that you make 10 times your present annual income.

Then this will be the case. And this will be the case even if you have only the vaguest idea (if that) about how this will become a reality.

Fear not. Doubt not.

The thought in your success neurology will generate plans and opportunities. Follow through in confidence and persist.

You will be successful.

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