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Brian Tracy relates his story of crossing the Sahara desert decades previously.

He crossed the desert one oil barrel at a time.

You can achieve any goal if you take it “one oil barrel” at a time.

If you go as far as you can see, you can then see far enough to go further.

Tracy tells the story of reaching an oasis. They arrived in South Africa.

Here are seven rules for achieving anything you desire.

1 Decide on your goal and then launch. Take action.

2 Never consider the possibility of failure. Always forward, never backward.

3 The biggest goal in the world can be accomplished if you take it “one oil barrel at a time.” Do what is at hand. The only time you have is NOW.

4 Watch out for the naysayers. Fly with the eagles.

If every possible objection had to be overcome before starting, nothing would get done.

5 Welcome obstacles and difficulties. Obstacles and difficulties come not to obstruct, but to instruct.

Achievement is preceded by many difficulties and many lessons.

6 Be clear about your goal. Be flexible about the process of achieving it.

Keep your mind open.

It’s not what you do. It’s what you do with what you have that separates winners from losers.

Circumstances do not make the man. They merely reveal him to himself.

7 No one does it alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. It’s a mark of strength.

Tracy felt he could succeed at anything after crossing the Sahara.

Everyone has a Sahara to cross.

Here is the most important point:

Everyone has a Sahara to cross.

What is the story of your success? A large part of it is the “Sahara” that you need to cross.

Whatever it is, if you are capable of telling the story of the crossing to yourself, you are capable of crossing it.

In a sense, you tell the story of this great crossing every time you:

  • Read your goals.
  • Affirm an affirmation.
  • Visualize your desired result.
  • Ask yourself “How can I accomplish this?”

Every one of these time-honored techniques primes your mind of success for accomplishment. In addition, each one tells a story.

And this is really the main point. The more you tell yourself the story of your success, the more you begin to believe it.

Repeat the story to yourself again and again. Rehearse the story in imagination and live it in real time at every opportunity.

The more you enter the theater of the mind and mentally rehearse the story of your own success, the more you bring that success within reach.

Why? You expand your comfort zone.

Sooner or later, you see your success story as your destiny. In this case, each obstacle merely becomes a problem to be solved.

In fact, your success story becomes merely a problem to be solved. The more you tell yourself the story, the more capable you are of solving the problem and achieving a great victory of success and money.

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